Our 3/$12.00 wall is stocked full of diabetic wellness, cotton, and bamboo socks.

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Treat Your Feet, With High Quality

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Our company specializes in providing sock variety with unqiue designs and patterns. Express your personality, job, or interests with long lasting, high-quality socks.

Do you need king size socks for those size 13+ feet? Are you tired of plain options?
Did you know that Diabetic Wellness socks can be worn by anyone? These socks have seamless toes and provide maximum stretch without restricting the leg’s natural circulation.

Compression socks are also often recommended by medical professionals to individuals who have health conditions that result in poor blood flow in the legs.

Featured Sock for Outdoor Play!!

Our unisex outdoor socks are made from recycled wool. Walking, hiking, cross country skiing or blazing the snowshoe trails these socks provide warmth with arch support and cushion sole. GET OUTSIDE AND PLAY!!!

Unisex Llama Out of Here Recycled Wool Sock

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