Cotton/Bamboo/Diabetic Wellness Socks-Mix'n'Match 3 pairs for $18.00 EVERYDAY in Mens & Ladies sizes!!

January Newsletter!!


Welcome to our first newsletter!!

We are grateful to YOU, our loyal customers for making 2022 an amazing year!!!
Growing into our 7th year in Uptown Waterloo we continue to expand our line of socks, loungewear and pyjamas. Comfort is our motto!!!

January blahs? Not at The Sock Factory!

Arriving in January, diabetic, novelty, dress, alpaca socks and merino wool socks showcasing new designs and fabulous colours. So many new and exciting styles and releases that are headed our way and have arrived at our store and website. We have socks to accommodate inside as well as outside weather days with added pizzazz. So much colour that will give you pep in your step as we all navigate through these colder temperatures.

Diabetic Socks. Comfort on the go!

Coming soon in store and website NEW Diabetic design socks featuring ultimate non elastic comfort and seamless toes.  Keep a look out for cotton and rayon from bamboo crew and quarter height socks in men and ladies sizes. Remember, diabetic socks are knit for everyone. Individuals with sensitivity or health concerns or perhaps a preference towards socks that offer less tension, these are made for you. Diabetic socks can also be worn as a bed sock since diabetic socks possess non-elastic features.

February 14th. Love always wins!!

Have you ever received a pair of socks that were chosen with heartfelt love? We have many customers that take their time choosing the sweetest sock either it be for a friend, partner or family member and leave our store with a full heart. Knowing that each time that sock is worn, you will always be in their thoughts. So....we offer the CUTEST matching Valentines Day card with purchase of Socksmith sock at no charge. Hurray while supplies last. These are an A+ for Adorable.

Give Back Collection Socks. Coming soon!

So excited for April! We will be launching an exclusive ‘Endangered Species’ Socksmith collection. Not only these socks are so brilliantly designed but the colour is spot on! Proceeds of each sock gives back in support preserving these amazing threatened creatures that are so vital to our planet.
Don't forget to check out our Solmate socks which are the OG mismatched, recycled sock. The Hummingbird, Honey Bee and Ocean sock give back to the International Hummingbird Society, Honey Bee Pollinator Partnership and Ocean Blue Project respectively.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Keep on rocking your Socks!

The Sock Factory Crew